ARTWEEKEND TIPS – Woche 14/2018

SETH PRICE | SOCIAL SYNTHETIC21.10.2017  ‐  08.04.2018Museum Brandhorst, München | Marius Bercea | Time Can Space03.03.2018 – 14.04.2018Blain Southern, Berlin | ASTRID KLEIN | TRANSCENDENTAL HOMELESS CENTRALNERVOUS 24.03.2018 – 02.09.2018 Deichtorhallen, Hamburg | EX UND HOPP 26.01.2018 -07.04.18 Institut français, Berlin     SETH PRICE | SOCIAL SYNTHETIC CLOSING: 08.04.18 Laufzeit: 21.10.2017  ‐  08.04.2018 Museum Brandhorst | Theresienstraße 35a | 80333 München Das Museum […]

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What sound does art make?

Nausikaä tries to eavesdrop on art. Can you hear an artwork? Apparently, you can in Berlin, as it seems to be quite the hot topic here over the next few days! MoMA in New York had its first sound-based exhibition in August, now the (sound)wave is rolling over Berlin.

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