Showroom Berliini: Aiko Tsukahara „Pop out of the planet“

Neuer finnischer Kunstraum in Berlin. Im August eröffnete der Showroom Berliini auf der Charlottenstraße. Damit wird der Berliner Bevölkerung die Möglichkeit geboten, aufstrebende Kunst aus Finnland zu entdecken.

Am Freitag besuchte ARTPRESS die Ausstellungseröffnung der in Finnland lebenden japanischen Künstlerin Aiko Tsukahara „Pop out of the planet“.
In Fortsetzung der Werkserie Cloud, zeigt sie ein gelungenes Zusammenspiel zwischen kühlem Minimalismus und großen Emotionen. Ein raumschiffartiges Pixelgebilde im fiktionalen Kontext des Weltraums, versetzt den Betrachter in einen schwebenden Zustand von Raum und Zeit.

blog KopieFotos: Victoria Trunova

The installation showing at Showroom Berliini can be seen as a continuation of your cloud work series. Where do these originate from, and what makes you keep coming back to that topic?
My earlier installations with cloud works are based on a fictional idea of an apartment in space. The sculpture itself is a pixelized cloud, which is made of thousands of white cubes. It could be a huge building or invisible small molecular structure, it depends on the point of the viewer. The main idea is; it floats and travels like a spaceship. In this installation ‘Pop out of the planet’, I combined the sculpture with video projection. I got a strong visual idea of traveling between planets. Also, the white sculpture with a complicated cubic surface can be a good screen to project on.


Fotos: Victoria Trunova

What do you find so seductive about clouds and space?
I’m fascinated by how a cloud shapes itself. A cloud doesn’t have a shape of its own. It is an assembly of water particles, which remain neither too close nor too distant from each other. What we see is a contour of these floating particles. Space, which means the universe in this installation, is in a way extremely neutral. It gives me a lot of inspirations especially fictional ideas because of its literally astronomical size and the fact that we know so little about it.

What impact does architecture have on your work?
To experience architecture, you look at it both from outside and from inside. It makes you move around to find your favorite spot or angle. Three-dimensional experience like this is important for my work with any media or material. The way that I often think is of ‘building’ my work instead of ‘sculpting’ it. My work is influenced by architectural creations.

As a Japanese artist living in Helsinki: Do you see any differences/similarities between Japanese and Finnish contemporary art tradition?
Yes, I see many differences between those, naturally because of the differences in cultural and historical background. This is my personal impression though. In visual art, Japanese artists tend to focus on details, whereas Finnish artists tend to catch the atmosphere. I see that the similarities between those are more to do with the personality, rather than the nationality, of the artists.

„Pop out of the planet“
03. – 23.10.2014

Showroom Berliini
Charlottenstraße 95, 10969 Berlin
Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag-Samstag 12-18 Uhr


Interview: Victoria Trunova


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